Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bedding Boo Boo

So I think everyone remembers that I wanted to re-do Jacks room in a Toy Story theme...?

And I've been collecting stuff to for his new room, including a comforter and shame set I snagged at Walmart for on $20!!!  I was going to save it for Christmas but I thought...what the heck.
Of course Jack was excited and thanked me for his new bed spread by cutting a few holes in it.
Not. Even. Kidding.
He found my scissors and went to work.
I sewed em up and smothered em with Liquid Stitch but the damage is done.

Oh well, on to the room.
I also found these at the Dollar Tree!
Cute little Toy Story 3 night lights...for only a $1!
(I got a Woody too for Sam's room but my camera wouldn't take the pic...? 
And I think I may go back for the Rex for the kids' bathroom.)



  1. Love the deals you got, so sorry about the scissors :(

  2. It's getting to goal, keep going girl!!!


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