Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul!


Well, we all know I am a big fan of the Dollar Tree...well maybe if I have one or two readers out there LOL. Are you out there??

Joking aside, I love the Dollar Tree because it provides economical ways for me to explore my mixed media tendencies and come up with more fun ways to create entries in my creative journals.

Let take a look at what I scored:

The first thing I was excited to see in the Crafts section was some decorative/craft papers pads. I tend to do a lot of collage work in my journals, so I picked up several of these.

Lovely patterns :)

I also was happy to see some stamping sets! Even an acrylic block!

I def can't wait to try these out ;)

I also found some new washi tape that you can color in yourself! It's a cool wave pattern; it will look great in my journals and perhaps new mixed media art work pieces :)

And since I am so big on creative journaling at the moment, I was excited to find these Coloring Journals. Beautiful designs and pages to write poems, thoughts, etc.

I snagged some rad neon colored gel pens too to start out some great journaling pages!

Lastly I snagged some fun patterned binder clips for my journals :)

Strips are always in style in my book ;)



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