Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homemade Baby Food...round 2

Alright folks, so I started a new job!  Great news for me and my fam...but bad news for my bloggy friends.  Well, not bad...but most of my posts are going up in the evening now after dinner, baths, etc.

But I am still here!   
Not going anywhere and still intend to come up with at least one post every other day or so.

So on to my Homemade Baby Food round 2...or just another recipe.  We don't have to get fancy here :)

Orange/Grape Baby Food!
 It's pretty darn a "watcha got" know...when you throw what you got in there...?

I started out with some red seedless grapes (important...seedless).  I didn't bother peeling them as that would take foreveh!  And an orange!  Yummy! 
You'll need a blender.  And basically, we are using the same process as the broccoli baby food.

This is a great way to use up fruits and vegi's before they go bad can see that my grapes are a little wrinkly. 

Step 1: Throw in some grapes; you can use as little or as much as you want.  (I used 2 small handfuls)

Step 2: Cut up your orange into quarters and then peel. 
And try to keep as much of the "white" on as possible.  Thats where most of the vitamin C is.

Step3: Blend.  At this point, I added a banana to thicken it up after using a whole orange.  Next time I think I'll use only a half.  A whole made the food WAY to thin and watery.

Step 4: Blend again...awwwww.  Perfect!  Pour the food into your bowl; remember, I use the Glad 4 oz freezer bowls.  A great size for these little servings.

Mmmmm!  A yummy treat totally homemade! 

See...? Even Thomas likes it!

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  1. I made most all of my little guy's baby food! I actually ENJOYED doing it! I used ice trays... filled them with the pureed food, froze them, then popped the cubes out and stored them in labeled freezer bags (all carrots together in a bag, apples in one bag, etc). :}


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