Friday, February 18, 2011

Work'n on a new room....

So I've mentioned before that we turned Jack's room into a playroom and the boys are now sharing a room...lots a fun so far trying to get them to sleep and get a new routine down...uh huh.

But the upside is I get to re-decorate the room!  I decided on a robot theme and Jack approves...very important.

First things first...sleeping arrangements.
(Although the crib will remain in the room until Sammy is old enough for the bottom bunk.)

Then I snagged the comforters at Garden Ridge on sale for $14.99 each.  Score!

I new I wanted comforters that will grow with the kids.  Plus the lime and orange stips accent my "fun" fabric!
So cute!!
I see window treatments and pillow shams in the room with these little guys!

Check back for the end results!



  1. We had the same problem with getting our two boys (22 months apart) to go to sleep at in the same room, we ended up putting our younger one to bed about 20-30 minutes before the older one, that way he had a chance to go to sleep before the older one joined him. As they got older we would alternate, so that no one was up later all the time. It was great too, because we got some one on one time with each kiddo every night. Super cute room idea, can't wait to see it done!


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