Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Re-Made Living Room

So since we have no couch, and the living room just didn't feel put together, I figured it was time for a re-arrangement.

Here is what I've got so far...
 I still need to rearrange some of the art and pics on the wall, but its cozy!
I moved an arm chair I had in the bedroom out to the living room, repositioned my carpet sample area rug, and...GOT A NEW COFFEE TABLE!

Got this little beauty for $8 at a garage sale this weekend.
(Bonjoure has found a new hiding place)
Its really scuffed up but sturdy.  And that's all I care about.

I plan on painting this a funky color for a splash of fun in the room and then doing a glaze.  The only colorful thing I have in there now is my table runner...time to get away from earthy tones.

If anyone has great tips or a DIY how-to on painting/glazing wood furniture, LET ME KNOW!!
If the coffee table turns out nicely, I may wanna re-do my bedroom furniture as well.

Here is the blank space in the bedroom from where I removed the arm chair...
Old lamp, old picture...the chair blocked the second door to the walk-in closet (and I never used it anyways)
I decided to block it from view completely by moving my screen to cover the whole mess.
(ignore my unmade bed and the box fan...gotta sleep with the box fan)
So here is the start of my new craft/sewing area!  Finally!



  1. You have an unused walk-in closet?!?!? That's crazy talk! Filling it with some crafty goodness would be lovely!

  2. No I used the closet...just not the second door. And that closet is filled with craft stuff! So much so that sometimes, I can't get all my clothes hung up!!

  3. In re-arranging your living area, you don't need to buy new things you just need to be more creative and imaginative. Aside from this it is a very good idea to sell those furnitures that are not needed in your house.You are earning money at the same time getting a bigger space for your family.


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