Friday, July 29, 2011

Puree Away for Feature Friday

Hi folks!  I know I'm "vacation"...whatever, just tired!

But...I wanted to introduce, a-hem...

Kelley from Puree Away!
Here is a little about Kelley...

"My name is Kelley and I blog because I have to get it out.   I'm really terrible at keeping a journal, but I can keep up on a blog (for some reason).   Puree Away is like my millionth blog, but the one I've kept up on the best.   I blog about our family and our journey through international adoption.   I also blog about arts and crafts and my neuroses.    Occasionally one of our kids will add their two cents and my husband will also post if he has something really important to say."

"Our blog really is our family blog.   Mike and I blended our families together in 2007.   In 2010 we decided to add more kiddos through adoption and we are anxiously awaiting a referral!"

Pop on over and say hi, lend support on their adoption adventure, or to feel inspired!
 Thanks to Kelley from Puree Away!


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