Friday, August 5, 2011

Through my "I"s for Feature Friday

Hi all!  Welcome to Feature Friday, I have another good one for you!

Say hi to Alicia from Through My "I"'s
A fun new blog with fun crafts and more!!

Here is what Alicia has to say...
"I am a crafty Catholic mom of 3 boys who is now also a book reviewer! I blog because I love to share my ideas with other people. I don't have many real life friends because we live in a rural area. I love making online friends and I am an avid blog reader!"

check out her awesome drink caddy!

"My blog is not very new but I am just getting it where I want it and really want more exposure! I love to make christian or cheap crafts and I also have started reviewing Christian books. I am Catholic but I cater to all Christian moms. I try to post as many "boy" crafts as possible because I know how hard it is to find ideas! Please check me out!"

Check out this fun "David and Goliath" craft!

So stop by today and say hi to Alicia at Trough my "I"s

Thanks for stopping by SSB and if you wanna be featured on Feature Friday, email me! 

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