Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Starting a New Adventure!

Hi folks!  So in an effort to have additional $$$ coming into our home and to keep my kids out of daycare and WELL (they've all been so sick lately), I have decided to open my home to care for some kiddo's!

So say a prayer and lend some support as I embark on a new adventure of running an at-home daycare center!


Thank you all for the support in advance!  Any ideas, pointers, games, crafts, etc. is welcomed!

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  1. Bless YOU! When I was teaching, I had a woman that watched my first son in her home with 5 other children, when we moved and I found a new teaching job, there was no in-home daycare available and he had to go to Primrose-fancy name, but I was NOT pleased. MUCH better environment when it's an in-home MOTHER watching your child! I stay at home now, but probably would still be teaching if I would have found a great in-home mother to keep the boys :) GOOD LUCK!!! I know the woman that kept my son used a lot of books from teacher supply stores to help and she made her book collection for the children by going to the local library book sale each year-I know the one in our area is going on now! Hope that helps!

  2. Shop at thrift stores to find books and toys for your center. Make sure you clean everything first and every day! But I am sure you already know this.

  3. Best of luck in your new adventure. Cute name too! :)



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