Monday, September 20, 2010

Jack's gone GOTHIC!

So hubby was home alone with the boys the other night while I was out working.
He told me he thought to himself..."Man, its quiet...?  Awesome.  Why is Ginger always complaining about the noise.  How come Ginger thinks the boys are noisy...?"  

He went back to "Michael business" for a second and then decided it would be wise to check everything out.

Enter Jack in the bathroom...applying black nail polish (that's been rolling around in the drawer since last Halloween)...


Not sure what he was thinking here...
How do you go from trying to paint your nails, black of all colors, to painting your forehead?

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  1. Oh, what trouble is found when the hubby is home with the kids. I'm going to give the little guy the benefit of the doubt and say he had an itch he just had to scratch. Good thing for nail polish remover.

  2. Is he a Harry Potter fan? Looks like the lighting bolt for Harry Potter. :)


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