Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whatever Wednesday #17

Well, my Whatever Wednesday is a little late this week.  Hubby would not get off the computer yesterday.
It is so sad how we fight over computer time...really?

By the time I actually had a chance to get on to post, I was so tired I couldn't stand it.
This weeks Whatever Wednesday is just as simple as ever...

Just Jack and Sam playing beautifully (and quietly) at the table one night before Christmas.  I was sitting at the computer (oddly enough) and I heard Jack just talking away to Sam about "Christmas Day and the presents and that all the family would be there..."  
We had been talking a lot about the meaning of Christmas and how special it was so he felt the need to discuss it all the time.  Such a grown up boy!

And it won't be long and Sam will be talking up a storm...gosh, they sure are growing up.


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