Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whatever Wednesday #15

When I was a kid, my mom would let me hang a few ornaments and then touching the tree once completed was forbidden!
But I want Jack and Sam to remember decorating the tree (and Christmas as a whole) as a fun and joyous time with family...not that my childhood Christmas weren't, but it wasn't fun to not be included in decorating fun.

So I came up with some fun games and activities involving your Christmas tree!  

A great way for your kids to enjoy the tree, but also learning to respect and treat it carefully.

1.  Let them pick out a special ornament from the store.  If its an ornament of their very own, they will be more likely to treat it carefully.
(This year, Jack picked out a Buzz Lightyear ornament...he carried it home like baby and still points it out to EVERYONE!)

2.  Make paper ornaments (snowflakes, etc.), popcorn and cranberry garland, or hand-painted ornaments.  Jack felt a great sense of accomplishment once he knew he contributed something to the tree.

1.  Enjoy looking at some sentimental ornaments.  Include a story about that character or how you received that ornament.

2.  Spy some Christmas shapes!  Find all the bells, stars, or angels on the tree.

3.  Christmas Color fun!  Find all the red, green, or white ornaments on the tree.

4.  Christmas Counting fun!  Count all the different ornaments...or even the presents underneath the tree!

5.  Christmas fun with textures!  Look at all the different it a shiny ball, or a glittery angel?

Hope you have a happy tree!!!  Enjoy!


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