Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Card Craft!

The cutest gifts are the "heart" made ones. Jack and I spent some time together making Valentine cards for his grandparents. Turned out messy and totally cute! (I let him do most of it...he likes to do everything himself)

What you need:
pink and red construction paper
red and white felt
glue sticks
foam letter stickers (optional, but I think they look cute!)

What you do:
I gave Jack the construction paper to color up with his choice colors, the messier the cuter!
While he colored, I cut out some felt hearts.
When we were both finished, I helped him put glue on the back of the hearts and let him place them on the cards.
Next, we spelled out Love Jack with the foam letters on the inside flap.

Turned out pretty cute!

Here's the inside of the sweet! He did a good job!

Happy Valentine Crafting!


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