Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Post from Appleseed Gifts

Hi folks! Here is a blog post from my Appleseed Gifts blog...enjoy!

"Well, my weekend was pretty uneventful...except for this. My oldest son, Jack, (who is 2) convinced me that I need a padlock on the pantry door.

Here he is digging for treasure with a box plastic cutlery and "driving" his cars thru an ENTIRE can of Italian Bread Crumbs...oh man.

Oh whats this?? A WHOLE can of cocoa powder?

Sure is...he tried to hide it under his Kangeroo Climber...sneaky.

Now lets flash forward to bath time...did hubby leave his body soap where little Jack could get it?

Yup. *sigh*

Oh least my husband and I had a great laugh...that was stifled by all the cleaning up we had to do. Post a comment with your funny family story!!! Happy Parenting!"

Hope you enjoyed that...I'm sure many of you did...or perhaps you just sympathize with me :-)

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