Friday, April 22, 2011

Tales of a Trophy Wife for Feature Friday

Today's Feature Friday is spot-lighting Tara from

Check out her blog full of creative DIY's and tell her you're visiting from SSB!

Here is what Tara has to say...

"I started up my craft blog a few months ago.  We moved across country  last summer and my youngest started school. This left me with more free  time and a complete inability to make new friends.  Apparently, I'd been  relying a little too heavily on playgroups and park days to form my  circle of friends.  So I started this blog to show-off my projects to  those friends that live far away and hopefully as a way to make some  more."

Check out this cute bathroom decor...

 Love it.

And her kiddo's wall of fame...

And what else is Tara working on?

"I'm currently working on a book list for boys, that I hope to post  soon.  Although, my boys would rather fight the evil forces of the  Empire or throw a ball around, there are a few  books that they've  actually enjoyed.  Thanks so much!"

 Thanks Tara for all the inspiration!


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