Saturday, May 6, 2017

DIY All-Natural Lotions and Salt Scrub


A good friend has been ill :( so in addition to several meals for her and her family, I decided to make her some all-natural lotions and a salt scrub using essential oils. I've used essential oils before here. In addition, I've made sugar scrubs, fever reducers, and mixes for colic.

I love essential oils for so many reasons. One of the top reasons is they just plain do the trick with several medical conditions. I've used essential oils in my home, with my family, from headaches or cuts all the way to anxiety and Bacterial Cellulitis.

They work. Period.

So whenever a baby shower comes up, or there is an illness in the family, I ALWAYS whip up some essential love :)

Here are the essential oils I used in today's recipes. Most of these are from Young Living, but I actually buy essential oils from the drug store as well. They work just as well and are less expensive. I will also have links below for these oil blends on Amazon ;)

Stress Away is just that. An essential oil blend that provides a general calming effect. It also helps with anxiety, ADD, and ADHD. Find the same blend here.

Lavender is a great, go-to oil. I'll put it on the kids scraps and blisters. Also very calming. You can find it is most drug stores or here.

I love Joy! I use it in my air diffuser all the time. I usually pair it with lemon or orange for a happy and uplifting scent :) Find a similar blend here.

Same with Purification. A cleansing scent and it's good for your skin. Find a similar blend here.

I've done some research and have not found a similar blend for Young Living's Family oil blend. However, any blend that promotes uplifting moods, acceptance and is anti-negative thought would work just fine :) See the three previous oils! LOL

Thrive is a blend that I picked up at CVS drug store (among others). It is a great cleansing oil with a pleasant lemon-y fresh scent. Good for skin, for purifying the air and for teas. You can find it here.

So on the recipes! Here is what you need to get started:

Essential oils of your preference
Metal tins (I got mine at the Dollar Tree. You could also use glass jars)
glass bowl and spoon (not pictured)
All-Natural grapeseed oil
Organic cold pressed coconut oil
epsom salt (for salt scrub. Also from Dollar Tree)

Ingredient measurements will vary depending on what size tins or glass jars you use. 
**Glass of wine is totally optional ;)

I used about two tablespoons of coconut oil per small tin. I then mixed about 3-5 drops of each oil I wanted and stirred well. Then spooned into the tin ;) Easy as that!

I made two different lotions. 

1. Calming - using Stress Away and Lavender
2. Uplifting - using Joy and Family

Salt Scrub:

Measure the amount of salt you will need for your tin or jar.
Place in bowl and add a little grapeseed oil (great for skin).

Should be about the consistency of grits. Not too soupy from the grapeseed oil.
Then add about 4-6 drops of your preferred essential oil. I chose Thrive and Purification.

Once all in the tins, I added sweet little heart labels in different colored papers :)
I hope she enjoys them and they add in her recovery.



I will be linking to these awesome parties!

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