Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quick DIY Succulent Mother's Gift


For my sweet mother in law (who is one of the sweetest people I have ever met - I am truly fortunate) I wanted an especially sweet Mother's Day gift.

I had found this super cute rooster coffee mug from a local thrift store that perfectly with her decor, a few months ago, and I had planned on making a candle for her - but alas, I could not find my candles making supplies!!! What? Yeah, I must be that dis-organized...

Oh well...

I decided on succulent instead :) A good friend of mine has been creating some super cute arrangements lately and I figured....PERFECT!

I snagged an beautiful aloe plant from Walmart for about $5 and score....perfect for the mug I had on hand. No soil required ;) How about that??

This was really THE perfect fit :) It will go great with her kitchen decor and she loves to garden ;)

I added a sweet little bow and hand made card using my new packing image transfer technique :)

She loved it and I was more than proud to present her with this gift. She provided me with a beautiful man and father for my children :)  She s worth so much more!



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