Saturday, May 20, 2017

DIY Nail Polish Remover Image Transfer


So I've been experimenting with image transfers lately as you saw here. It's a really cool way to add detail to paintings, journals and more. I think they also add cool texture and finishes to pieces :)

Plus, they are so simple to do. There are several different ways to do image transfers, but I like ones that are easy with supplies I already have on hand ;) And I present, nail polish remover transfers!

Here is what you'll need:

ink jet, black and white copy image
acetone nail polish remover
cotton balls
burnishing tool (I used a capped pen)

Let's talk copy image for a sec ;)

You must you an ink jet copy image, NOT a laser print image. I chose this sweet, beach-y image :)

As for the polish remover, it must contain acetone for this project to work. Check the ingredients label on the back if unsure about your own polish remover. I picked up this at the Dollar Tree.

Now let's talk paper, I tried this on several papers and it really doesn't matter. As long as you are not soaking the transfer with the polish remover, you'll be fine. Too much remover and you'll risk tearing your piece.

First, lay your image face down onto your paper of choice.

With a dampened cotton ball, rub the remover evenly across the back of the image.Hold tight to make sure your image doesn't move around on ya ;)

See I used a little too much on this one :(

Burnish the back to really adhere the ink to the surface of your final paper.

Gently peel the image off. You can see here where I burnished too much in the middle and not enough around the edges.

I just rubbed the stuck image paper off with my finger.

And here is the final product.

Not bad for a practice piece. It has a cool look to it. Like an old worn out photograph.

Here are some additional ones I made. I tested the process out of different papers colors and weights.



I will be linking to these awesome parties!

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