Friday, May 12, 2017

DIY Art with Wrapping Paper


I had a baby shower for a sweet little baby girl this weekend for a neighbor :) I love baby showers and I love baby shower gift giving! I use coupons, so I was able to score a small stock of diapers, wipes, rice cereal and stage 1 baby food for her :)

Being a mother myself, you ALWAYS NEED more of the essentials :) But its fun to get the cute stuff too.

I decided to make her some cute art for her baby nursery ;) At the Dollar Tree, I saw some gorgeous wrapping papers with lovely floral prints and I snagged several.

Excuse my terrible photo :( lighting right!

Here's what I used:

Various wrapping papers
card stock
glue stick (not pictured)
washi tape (not pictured)

I first made a heart template from the card stock. I then measured it to fit a base layer of a pretty patterned wrapping paper. Measure and cut to fit your mat.

Hmm.  Looks like my heart is a bit too big 
(I resized the heart template :)

That's better ;)

Trace and cut your heart shape onto another patterned paper.

Got a little carried away and forgot to take some pics of the next few steps. 
That creative process, ya know ;)

I added another square layer under the heart, secured with the glue stick and then bordered with a pretty peach washi tape.

I then added the flowered heart in the middle as pictured.

I felt the piece needed some bling, so I cut another smaller heart template and decided to cover in a pretty gold patterned washi tape.

I added strips as seen and let the tape over lap the shape of the heart.

Then cut off the access with the scissors.

I added the bling-y heart with the glue stick and then was ready to mat!

I secured the final piece to the back of the frame mat with masking tape.

All done! My neighbor really liked it :)



I will be linking to these awesome parties!

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