Monday, May 1, 2017

Mixed Media Painting with Bold Colors


Yes I'm sure some of my few readers might have noticed my absence this past week. Well I'll tell ya, it has one heck of a week to say the least!

In addition to my Dallas art show, I also had a company retreat to The Hamptons in New York, wisdom teeth removal surgery, and then off to Los Angeles to assist with another show :)

Aside from the surgery, which totally and completely sucked, I got in some cool traveling, which I'll tell you all about in future stay tuned!

Today, I wanted to share a new painting that I think I have finally finished. Like pretty much every mixed media painting I do, I complete it in stages. This pretty thing has been sitting in the studio for about 3 months.

I decided to use some very stark, bold colors in this painting, like black, red and teal. I then brought in softer colors, even pastels, to calm the boldness a little without losing that "demanding" look I wanted.

I also played a little more with mixed media in this piece. In addition to marker, ink pen, pencil and oil pastel, I brought in slivers of reflective duct tape as seen here.

Also, I am in love with the effect of white ink pen on black paint, so I was excited to use that technique here.

I love using various organic shapes within my pieces; scallop or "U" shapes, continuing circles, as well as shapes that resemble a cell or something one might see under a microscope.

I've also started experimenting with pin wheel shapes and continuing triangles.

It's really satisfying to see how one mark, shape, line or color can interpret the direction of a painting. I hope you enjoy making art yourselves! And perhaps comment with a picture of your own!


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