Thursday, May 18, 2017

Embroidery Cord Binded Art Journals


So I thing my few readers out there know I love to create art journals :) And do you know what? It's a great creative booster for artists and they are fun to fill up with doodles and scribbles ;)

So I made yet another quick journal and bound this one with red embroidery cord :) I'm really pleased with the way it turned out :)

Here's what you'll need for your journal:

a few pieces of paper
acrylic paint
embroidery cord
embroidery needle
pencil (optional)
ruler (optional)

Let's talk paper for a sec ;) I prefer a good mixed media paper. 

For this project, I chose acid free, 98 lb paper as it would hold up to paints but is also thin enough to punch the embroidery needle through the paper. I picked up this paper at Walmart, but it's available at Hobby Lobby as well as Amazon. However, you could use a heavy weight water color paper or even regular office paper with yarn if this is a project with the kiddo's.

First, I cut two sheets of the media paper into three equal pieces, short ways. Use a ruler and/or pencil if needed.

Although yellow paint is pictured above, I wanted to start with some "palette smashes" for inner content of my journal. I then took left over paint from a palette (which is a magazine page)...

And I "smashed" the journal pages into the paint and let dry :)

You get some beautiful mixtures of colors, shapes, movement..even texture with ripples of paint.

Here is where the yellow came in :)

I then stacked them and folded in half longways. This creates the "book" shape. 

Like so...

Once all put together, grab the embroidery needle and tread.

Sew your journal pages together and the middle seem and secure with simple knots.

I used a simple slip stitch to bind the journal. But you could try and get more creative ;)

Then close off with knots ;)

And you've completed your journal ;) 

And something fun to the front cover!

Looks so cute and ready for art entries!!



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