Feature Friday

What it is:
It's something I call Feature Friday at SSB and basically, its a way for new blogs, established blogs, craft blogs, personal blogs...whatever type blog to get a little free PR.  My goal is to begin a wish list for blogs/bloggers that would like to be featured at SSB.

How to get on the wish list:
The blogs will be featured in the order in which I receive the request.  Although your thoughts are ALWAYS appreciated by posting a comment, you can get your blog on the wish list by email alone.  

What your email should include:
Include "Feature Friday" in the subject line (as these will be going to my personal email and I don't want anyone to be accidentally overlooked). Your email should include a small paragraph about why you blog and a small paragraph about your blog and include at least 2 pics.  I will respond to your email on the day that I post about your blog, including the link to the feature in the email so you can see!  That way its a total surprise :)

What you have to do:
Nothing.  There is no cost for it.  You don't have to snag the I was Featured button.  You are not required to post or blog about it (although I would appreciate it if you did)...no requirements what so ever.  Just something kind to do for another fellow blogger.

The only restriction is that I will have to limit everyone to one Feature Friday every 3 mths.  That way there is always something new and fresh for Fridays.  But don't despair,  I'm am fixing to host my very first guest blogger.  If you don't wanna wait 3 mths and have something totally awesome to share...like, NOW, contact me about doing a guest blog.
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