Friday, August 20, 2010

Ad Space Giveaway WINNER!!!

Our other lovely winner from the Mad Skills Monday Ad Space Giveaway is
The Nifty Nest!
Isn't the name nifty??  Sorry...I just had to :)

So this is an awesome blog with tons of fun crafty ideas to spruce up the house!
Here is a little about her...

I started The Nifty Nest after deciding that I wanted to make this home that we are leasing, more like my own. I know I can't paint the walls and decorate in that way, so I figured if I could expel my creative side into furniture, wall hangings, and decorative pieces I could still make this place a home for us.

 Plenty of inspiration!  Check out this Superhero Cape!?  So cool.
And she's taking custom orders too!!!

Check out The Nifty Nest!


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