Tuesday, March 7, 2017

DIY Candle Making


In keeping with this candle theme this week, I wanted to share a DIY candle making tutorial. This is super fun and easy to do. I used to kinda be intimidated by candle making but it truly is not.

As you know, I am a very frugal person. I want pretty decor candles in my home, but I don't want to spend a ton of money.

I tried just shopping for candles only at Walmart or The Dollar Tree, where the price is right, but they are boring.

I finally had the light bulb moment, knowing that if I learned candle making I could literally make a candle out of any sensible vessel. As long as it sits firmly level and is not flammable, you can make it into a candle ;)

Today, I made this lovely yellow candle ;) and I absolutely loved how it turned out.

Its always fun to come across cute vintage mugs, or small pots signed by the artist!

And come Christmas time, I make several gifts from thrifted vintage Christmas mugs :)

Here is what you need:

a vintage mug - I used this cute retro 80's one
couple of empty metal cans - I used a smaller cat food can for the color wax
popsicle stick
essential oil
metal tongs

Start by removing the paper from the crayons. I chose yellow to compliment the black design on the mug. 

To remove them easier, carefully cut a knife to cut and peel, like you would an orange.

Then pour the soy wax into the mug and pack it down to measure how much you'll need to start off with. Then pour it into the larger can. Then fill your mug again with wax about half full and set aside.

The measure your wick adding about 2 extra inches. String the wick through the anchor and cut. Secure the anchor to the bottom of the mug with a little pre-melted wax so it doesn't move around.

Then place the can of wax onto the stove to melt over low heat as you stir with popsicle stick. As it melts, add the remaining wax you set aside. Then add about 10 drops of your essential oil.

I chose Nature's Truth Thrive Essential oil from Walgreen's Pharmacy. Lovely invigorating scent :)

At this time, melt the crayons in the smaller can. I wasn't paying attention and poured into the big can with the plain wax. It's better to melt each color in separate cans so residual wax colors don't show up in future candles.

Stir well.

Then using the tongs, very carefully pour the hot, melted wax into the mug, stopping about a quarter inch from the top. Seriously. It is lava hot. Be careful. 

Place the stick under the wick to keep it centered. Carefully move the candle where it won't get bumped and let set for 2 hours.

Then trim the wick, light and enjoy!

Now that you can make your own candle, you can refill your pretty decorative candles over and over when they burn down.



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