Thursday, March 23, 2017

Macrame' Key Chain


Today I have a super easy tutorial for an adorable DIY project that can be done in minutes. Check it out ;)

Super cute macrame knot key chain made with love for only a few bucks ;)

Here is what you need to purchase:

I first snagged this 3/16 " soft polyester blend rope at Harbor Freight for $1.99.  The roll is 100 feet - plenty of other projects to come ;)

I then picked up a half inch swivel snap at Home Depot for under $2.

Then you will need these to get started:

two lengths of rope 48" each
two lengths of rope 32" each
the swivel snap
ruler to measure your rope

First lope the two 48 " ropes through the bottom of the snap in a loop knot. You then make a single square knot like so. You'll be following the exact same tutorial for a square knot as shown here. See pictures below ;)

Make sure to pull firm and you have one square knot. 

Then create another square knot from the other side.

Like so.

Now you have two square knots.

Now we will develop a diamond pattern. Take a 32" section of rope and place under the two ropes on the left hand side. 

Then pull them to the middle.

With this new set of four, continue with a square knot.

I completed two square knots and then copied the pattern on the right hand side.

I then joined the four middle ropes into two sets of square knots - completing the diamond.

This is where I stopped - ensure your final knot is tight.

I then cut the ropes down to the length I wanted and pulled apart the plies into some pretty fringe.

Once done, clip to your bag or purse. Add to your key-chains or hang from the rear view mirror ;)



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