Friday, March 3, 2017

The Joy of Mobile Photography


I am a great fan of all photography: digital, film, vintage photography but mobile photography is one of my favorites!

Mobile photography is extremely convenient, user friendly and accessible to all with a smart phone.

"Excelsior Hotel"
iPhone 6 Plus 
Mobile photography is an option for all photo ops; including family sessions, nature photography, digital art, concept photography and much more.

"Samuel Glenn"
iPhone 6 Plus

In addition to accessibility and convenience, there are several amazing editing tools available on the mobile device. 

Nature photography and concept photography are my favorite genre's.

"Holds the World Like a Baby"
iPhone 6 Plus

I am really encouraged to see mobile photography becoming more accepted as an art form. Several online groups commit to the support of mobile photography. 

"My Love"
iPhone 6 Plus
Black and white, in my opinion, strips a photo down to its bare soul.

"Pleasure Pier"
iPhone 6 Plus



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