Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Repurposed Coffee Carafe into Terrarium


So I know I've been coo coo for terrarium's lately as you remember from here and here. There are so sweet and cute! Plus there is potential to re-purpose items, like here :)

I've had this vintage carafe for a couple of years now. It's been on the back porch and has served many purposes, such as watering can to measuring device to even a seashell display.

It is now being re-purposed again for...you guessed it...a terrarium.

Here's what you need:

vintage carafe
natural decor rocks
moss rocks
Spanish moss
few floral sprigs
faux succulent

As you can probably guess, all of these items were purchased at the Dollar Tree. The carafe was a thrift store purchase.

In the end, I decided on a design that included only the decor rock, moss rock and succulent. But you can play with this and come up with so many designs.

First, I filled the bottom with an even layer of the natural decor rocks.

I then nestled a few moss rocks into the decor rock. Lastly, I added the succulent.

Very simple but turned out lovely :)

I soon hope to be adding a sweet bench and side table on my front porch. I hope to set this little terrarium out as well to pair nicely with my succulent wreath.



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  1. Very sweet idea! Thanks for sharing with Awesome Life Friday!


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