Thursday, March 9, 2017

DIY Cat Toys


I have three sweet kitties that are almost as spoiled as my two sons :) I'm forever getting treats and buying them little toys.

I've recently made some new hanging toys for them to bat at.

These are some very simple hanging toys I made to add to our cat tree.

What you need for this quick DIY:

scrap fabric

To make my toys easily interchangeable, I use these metal shower curtain rings to attach the toys to eyelet screws on my cat trees. That way my kitties don't get too bored.

Cut some scrap fabric into strips and attach to the ring with a loop knot.

Make a few pom poms and attach to a ring as well.

To get the excitement going, rub the toys in a bowl of catnip :)

Watch them go crazy!

You can make several variations of toys too. Adding a strip of faux fur and a jingle bell is fun. A bundle of raffia offers enrichment.



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