Thursday, March 9, 2017

Make Your Own Creative Journal


So I made a care package for a dear friend. A few weeks ago she sent me an essential oil blend I was out of along with some make up samples :) She's so sweet!

I wanted to return the favor with a bundle of creative goodies! Some items to give her inspiration!

I decided to include a necklace, a bookmark, a packet of flower seeds, some of my original artwork as well as a print from a local Dallas artist and this super cute creative journal.

Instead of just blank pages, I added magazines pages and adult coloring pages for inspiration.

And what is awesome is all materials for this project can be purchased at the Dollar Tree! The yarn and magazines I already had.

What you need for this journal:

package of black cardstock
pattern duct tape
notepad of colorful pages
adult coloring book
scrap yarn (or ribbon)
white paper (not pictured)
hole punch

First, use a peice of the notepad paper as the template for the size of your journal. Cut two piece of black card stock as your front and back covers.

Again, using the notepad paper as a size template, cut several pieces from the adult coloring book.

These were two sided coloring pages - so that's a bonus.

Next, thumb through a magazine and find some interesting images to cut.

Then cut several pieces of blank white paper.

Now back to the front and back covers.

Use some patterned duct tape to cover the ugly brown side.

Let the ends overlap and then cut the access off with scissors.

Then take another pattern of tape and add to one side, wrapping around the the front side.

Repeat this process with the back cover. Using the hole punch, add holes to both covers.

Sandwich the papers in between the covers to ensure a good fit. Be sure to shuffle the various papers for a good mix. With a pencil, mark where to hole punch the papers so they match the covers.

Punch the holes and then thread the yarn through the holes as the binding. I made it easy on myself and threaded a yarn needle.

I used a simple whip stitch and then tied once.

Take a moment to open the journal to make sure the pages open easily.

Then secure the yarn with a knot. I added some stickers throughout the journal on a few pages. Be sure to write a sweet note!

I hope some of you out there will try this DIY journal. If you do, post a comment with a picture :)



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