Monday, March 13, 2017

No Sew Table Runner


So I wanted a pretty table runner that would compliment my pretty trivet I made using my artwork. I immediately decided on yellow :) It's such a happy color and would also go great with my curtains.

Anyways, I've been shopping around for awhile now and haven't found anything I liked. Then enter these bright yellow, cloth place mats I found at The Dollar Tree :)

All you need for this quick runner:

three cloth place mats
masking tape

Seriously, that's it. I wanted to keep the runner super impermanent in case I wanted to change things up. First remove the paper tags, etc. from the back.

Place the mats edge to edge.

Secure with the masking tape.

You can barely see the tape ;) You could hot glue these, add ribbons etc. but I really just liked the bright yellow. 

Looks great! Should've ironed them though.. oh well.

Color looks great with my curtains ;)

And my artwork!


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