Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Dollar Tree Terrarium


I've been inspired by a Facebook group that is dedicated to Dollar Tree DIY projects. So I went today to look around and see what I could come up with :)

I ended up getting materials for quite a few projects, but today I focused on two - both floral arrangements. Below is the start to finish for a hanging terrarium I did.

Succulents are all the rage - they are cute, romantic looking plants that are very popular in trendy decor :)

I've wanted to add some to my home - but they can be a little pricey and I am wary of having live plants in the house with three cats. So I stick to floral stems in my house. Plus, less watering to do ;)

I was excited to find some plastic, hanging terrarium globes at the Dollar Tree today and thought one would look lovely in my dining nook.

All the materials came from Dollar Tree :) What you'll need for this project:

plastic terrarium globe
white decor rock
cotton string
metal key chain ring
masking tape

I pulled the little fake potted succulents out and threw the pots away, but you could save them for another project. I also took a minute to place a few in the globe to figure out which ones to use.

I decided I wanted to make the string to hang interesting, so after being inspired by this class, I decided on classic macrame knots.

I started by doubling some string and making a knot. I then secured it to the ring with a slip loop.

I then wrapped string around my arm evenly six times while holding the end firmly.

 Then cut the bundle to make six long sections of string.

Loop the sections through the ring in the middle, essentially turning six strings into twelve. Then tape the system to the table to secure while you work.

You'll start your first knot at the top, snug to the ring with a tassel knot.

Starting a few inches down, I decided to add a series of spiral knots.

You'll grab the front four strings, pull the far left string in a number four shape, pull the far right string over and then under all four. Then gently tighten.

Continue this pattern of knot, going only far left to far right, 7 times. And continue on all strings until you have three sections.

I then moved down a few more inches to add some more knots. This time, grabbing strings from different bundles.

I chose to use the longest strings to "knot around" the shorter two in the middle of my new bundle of four.

I continued in this pattern until I had three more sets of seven spiral knots.

Time to attach the terrarium globe! I took three strings from the bottom and tied securely to the globe.

I then added the white decorative rock and two succulents to the terrarium. I love how the loose strings fall around the globe :)



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