Thursday, March 23, 2017

Macrame' Key Chain


Today I have a super easy tutorial for an adorable DIY project that can be done in minutes. Check it out ;)

Super cute macrame knot key chain made with love for only a few bucks ;)

Here is what you need to purchase:

I first snagged this 3/16 " soft polyester blend rope at Harbor Freight for $1.99.  The roll is 100 feet - plenty of other projects to come ;)

I then picked up a half inch swivel snap at Home Depot for under $2.

Then you will need these to get started:

two lengths of rope 48" each
two lengths of rope 32" each
the swivel snap
ruler to measure your rope

First lope the two 48 " ropes through the bottom of the snap in a loop knot. You then make a single square knot like so. You'll be following the exact same tutorial for a square knot as shown here. See pictures below ;)

Make sure to pull firm and you have one square knot. 

Then create another square knot from the other side.

Like so.

Now you have two square knots.

Now we will develop a diamond pattern. Take a 32" section of rope and place under the two ropes on the left hand side. 

Then pull them to the middle.

With this new set of four, continue with a square knot.

I completed two square knots and then copied the pattern on the right hand side.

I then joined the four middle ropes into two sets of square knots - completing the diamond.

This is where I stopped - ensure your final knot is tight.

I then cut the ropes down to the length I wanted and pulled apart the plies into some pretty fringe.

Once done, clip to your bag or purse. Add to your key-chains or hang from the rear view mirror ;)



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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Vegetable Garden


So I wanted to give a little tour of my vegetable garden :) I love gardening and have worked pretty hard the last few years to get it right! Gardening isn't always so cut and dry -_-

Sadly, I've had several epic fails, but after a lot of research and experimenting, I know what works best for my lifestyle and the types of plants I want to grow :) Let's check it out!

Here is my main garden. I love raised beds. Practically fool proof ;) 

And super easy to construct. The wood plank I snagged from the remnant pile at Home Depot for 75% off. I had a few 2 x 4 pieces at home from another project. Add a few screws and done. I added four tall posts on each corner so I could cover the garden with plastic if needed.

In the raised bed, I have cauliflower, cabbage, hot pepper plants, three types of lettuce (butter crisp, romaine, and red leafy) onions and carrots.

I also have quite a bit in large containers. I prefer to put "bushy" type plants in containers, like tomato, green beans and sweet potato.

You can see here my first few little babies coming in!

I also wanted to try some berries this year so here are my blueberry and black berry bushes.

My brother in law built this large wooden planter and I have some spinach starting up here. 

In smaller pots, I have some bell peppers and strawberries :)

I did several vegetable plants from seeds this year; spinach, arugula, carrots and green beans. But everything else, I just went for young plants. Cuts down on the waiting!

My lettuces are looking gorgeous!

It's so amazing to plant, water and nurture your own food! I'm very excited to harvest this year :)



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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finished Weaving


I've been very excited to share my weaving process with you in various posts. You can see when I first began this weaving after I built my DIY loom. You've then been with me during the process as I was eager to share my progress here and here!

What kick started this project was I happened upon an online class with a tutorial on building the loom as well as getting started on my first weaving. I was so excited to get started :)

And while it is a spectacular online class, I'll likely be creating and sharing my own tutorial with my readers here :)

And here are some pictures of the final weaving :)

I have to say was I kind of scared to take it of the loom!

But everything turned out ok and I am very pleased with my first practice piece :)

I already have my loom warped with new yarn and ready to go! I'll be taking readers step by step on weaving threads, learning new stitches and experimenting with new materials :)

I hope you all enjoyed this project as much as I did!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Support Your Fellow Crafter Linky Party #1


Today is the day for my debut linky party, Support Your Fellow Crafter! I'm kind of excited :) I know I may not have a ton of readers but it's really all about supporting arts and crafts! So lets get started ;)

First the rules of the house:

Please link only to your blog post, not your blog
Please link back to my blog on your post
Please visit and comment on the 3 links before your link
Please do not link your Etsy or other similar site
Please snag the linky party button to the right

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Current Crochet Projects


I am crocheting away! I've decided to work on at least one crochet project a day :) These include my weaving project, some ear warmers for family, which I have completed, and a few blankets!

Here are some granny squares I have completed and working towards an afgan ;) You can read about learning to make your own granny squares here.

I just finished a baby blanket that my grandmother started and have now began another. It's small - only about the size of a wash cloth but it'll grow!



Friday, March 17, 2017

Support Your Fellow Crafter Linky Party


I used to do a linky party back in the day called Mad Skills Monday. I thought about starting it up again but discovered another blog also uses a similar name.

So I came up with a new name: Support Your Fellow Crafter Linky Party :) It shall run from Monday mornings at 12:01 am until Monday evenings at 11:59 pm.

Grab button for
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I hope some of you out there will link up, share your inspirations and Support Your Fellow Crafters!


Family Memorabilia


So sadly, my last surviving grandparent passed away in October. She was a strong lady that had a love for crafting that I like to think she handed down to me :)

As a matter of fact, I recently visited her home and gathered her last crochet projects to finish them for her. I just couldn't leave them unfinished!

I then came across my grandfathers old textbooks! He graduated in the 40's with a degree in electrical engineering :)

His books have inscriptions from himself and others that owned the books before him.

There are also pages of notes in his handwriting :) 

And I was so happy to inherit a few of my grandmothers cookbooks :)

Having a recipe in her handwriting that she once made for her family with love is very special.



Weaving progress


So I took a short break from my little weaving as I wanted to include a type of wool called roving. It adds beautiful texture to a weaving! However, my local Hobby Lobby didn't have any so I ordered some from Amazon :)

Very soft and fluffy - it creates a cloudy texture on a weaving ;)

Here is my current process on my first weaving.

You can definitely see how the roving looks on the weaving, creating beautiful movement and texture :) It is very simple to weave and looks so sweet. I followed this online class.


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