Thursday, August 26, 2010

Toot Toot Tut

So I saw this at Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy...
and thought, "That is so cute...but I don't have anyone to make one for...?"
(Jack is a little too old and Sam just likes playing with Jacks toys)

Oh well...then yesterday, my boss announces that it was his sons 1st birthday!!
I knew exactly what I wanted to do for little Jackson!

I am so in love with it!
I used blue felt for the window, yellow flannel for the ladder, and white minky fabric in the wheels...
Lots of fun color, pattern, and textures!
Perfect for a 1st Birthday!
You could head over to Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy to see where she got the tut from.
I didn't follow the tut though...just sorta winged it.
What you need:
Coordinating fabrics with color and texture
sewing machine
thread, pins, needle, scissors, etc.

Its very easy:
Step 1:  I cut out a pattern in the basic shape of a fire truck

Step 2:  Cut the fabric - 2 sides for your truck (I will draw out a pattern to post later)

Step 3:  Cut a 2" wide strip of fabric to "wrap" around your truck (make sure its long enough to go ll the way around)

Step 4:  Sew all of your embellishments onto the main side of your truck

Step 5:  Pin the strip of fabric to one side of your truck and sew into place (right side in)

Step 6: Pin the other side of your truck (right side in) to the strip and sew into place.  Leave a hole to turn right side out.

Step 7:  Turn right side out, stuff and whip stitch the hole closed.
All done!
Thanks Stacey for all the inspiration!!!  Can't wait to make another!
Jackson loved the new gift!

UPDATE:  Click here to see Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy's Tut!


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  1. I'm so thrilled that you made one. It is just darling. That new little guy is going to love it especially the minky pieces which are oh so soft.

  2. Very cute! My best friend's little boy is into fire trucks right now. This gives me a great gift idea!
    New follower from Home Sweet Farm.


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