About Me


My name is Ginger! I am a work-from-home mother of two boys...Jack and Sam. I am married to the most wonderful man ever, Michael, and we live in Texas!

My babies ;)

 We have an English Mastiff named Molly. She is a 110 pounds of pure love.

And three cats: Bonjoure, Cova and Oliver. All three are charming snuggle fluffs!

I am a big time artist! I love creating art work, making jewelry, sewing, crochet, cooking and much more. I love art so much that it is my full time job.

I started this blog years ago for a number of reasons, but stopped blogging as being a full time working mother is very hard.  Juggling the parenting ups and downs as well as the everyday bustle of balancing work, family, and crafting was not easy for me.

Now I am a work-from-home mom and love it. I have lots of time for family and art.

Have two rambunctious boys to tangle with and its a recipe for total and utter chaos. That's why I began the Support Blog for Moms of BOYS! Because when mothering a boy, you need a sense of humor and a place to find strength! Here, you'll find both and little more.



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