Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whatever Wednesday #5

Sorry a little late on posting guys...having computer issues again!  Somehow, ALL of our family pics went missing!!!  Talk about freaked husband had the computer on lock down for the passed few days trying to recover everything.  Luckily, he DID!  Phew...

Anyways, lets walk down memory lane.
Anyone remember these?  Turns out, I have a long lost HERD of My Little Ponies.

Or how about the fuzzy body and fluorescent orange hair?

And this guy was always the "daddy" becasue he is blue and has the fluffy hooves...
Isn't he handsome?

And of course, the diamond-eye ponies...very fancy.

And the little baby with butterfly wings!

My mom has saved these for years!  Some of them more than 20 years old!!!
She surprised me with them last weekend...kept them in storage all this time!
She made me swear never to get rid of them.  I was like no way!  This is a cherished part of my childhood!
There's a sack full of them and I'll be sharing them little by little.



  1. After four grandsons my parents finally sold all of the toys they had kept for future grandaughters! Cabbage Patch kids, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake!

  2. Eeeee! I forgot all about the velvet ones! You're so lucky that she saved them for you, I've been longing for my old toys to pass down to my new son. Enjoy them, because I'm so jealous! haha

  3. I love my little pony. I remember watching the TV show when I was a kid.


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