Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments!!!

I LOVE getting Christmas ornaments as a gift!  
Getting one as an ornament is special because I remember the person that gave it to me every year when decorating the tree.  Some on my tree I've had for years!

I also LOVE giving Christmas ornaments as gifts!  
DIY ornaments are heart-felt and fun.  They are usually easy to make in bulk to give to family, friends or co-workers.  And it's sure to be something used every year instead of some random gift that might end up at the top of the closet...

And best of all...DIY ornaments can be VERY easy on the wallet which is definitely a relief during a busy and budget-minded season.

Here is a true favorite that everyone appreciates.  Great for family (grandmothers adore them) and friends! And very simple to make!  Kids can have fun making them for mom and dad!
Here's a shot of Jack's hand print...
His hand print was placed on the bottom of the bulb, his name on one side, and the year on the other.
I have used red bulbs (that's what I call these type of ornaments if anyone is confused :) but found it was kinda hard to see...especially the name so I switched to white bulbs, green/red paint, and a black sharpie.  A box of 24 count white glass bulb ornaments is less than $5 at most stores.  The paint and marker I had on hand.

DIY ornaments make great party favors too!  My cousin had her wedding a week before Christmas and these were her reception favors!  
 On the other side is the wedding date.
She had a huge Christmas tree at her reception covered in these cute bells and used red ribbon as garland!  I've found similar ornaments the $1 store!

"Heart-made", simple gifts that everyone loves!  Enjoy!


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  1. This is such a great idea! I love any craft that captures our precious kiddos' handprints. :)


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