Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whatever Wednesday #36

So we'are getting ready to re-decorate our entire house...

we have BIG plans for the kitchen, master bath, guest bath, master bedroom, living room and even plan on enclosing our backporch into a sun room!  Super excited but its gonna take a lot of savings.

Here are some inspiration pics I have collected for our living room...
ps-I have no idea what websites they came from, just googled on web images.

What do you think...
Love the sea foam green with the flashy yellow chair...

I like all the colorful pillows in this one.

I'm admiring the couch in this one...

I like the unique coffee table in this one and the bright curtains.

In LOVE with this.  
Love the bright blue and the tight floral fabrics...not to mention the picture windows.

I like the airy feel to this one and the beautiful art on the wall.  
Kinda digg'n on the peach chair too.

Hope you enjoyed!


1 comment:

  1. Great photos, but I love the third one. Very cozy, relaxing and inviting. As for me, I want to change the wall paint into something lighter like sky blue. Thanks for sharing.


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