Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Robot Room! It's coming along...

So I have been barely working on hard at work on the boys room.  Really!  I have!
Okay, I slacked a little.  Can you blame me?

I actually got a lot of this done weeks ago, but have just now got around to posting about it.
Check out my robots!
Aren't they cute?  They still need some detail work..and...looks like that little guy in the middle needs some legs.  And a neck.

I got the idea for these guys right from the fabric I used for the curtains!

I decided on valances because...honestly it was less fabric I had to buy and sew.  Yeah.  That's right!  I'm lazy...didn't wanna sew entire panels.  And anyways, it really brightens the room!
 I lengthened them by adding a 3 inch trim on the bottom of a coordinating color.  Cuteness!

But I think my fav part so far about this work-in-progress is this beauty!
Isn't this thing fab!  Snagged it at a thrift store!
  Perfect color!  (looks great against the green wall color huh?)  
That awesome 50's look...the price?
$14.00...but wait, I had a 50% off coupon.  Yup. 

I hope to have a finished room for you soon!


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  1. Looks like it's coming along nicely. I love those robots. Great job!


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