Monday, April 4, 2011

Coffee Table Re-do REVEALED!

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And on to my coffee table... I know I had mentioned it before, but things have been crazy and I didn
t get a chance to finish it until this weekend!!!

And here it is!!  Ta-da!

Here how you do it:

I bought this table for $8 at a garage sale.  
First sand and paint a base coat of white.
I then gave it two coats of some beautiful green paint that I had ON HAND!  Left over from Jack's nursery.

Once dry, mix your glaze.  I mixed a dark chocolate brown I had again ON HAND and worked in small areas.
I used a foam brush because it soaks up a lot of glaze and you're able to work it really well into all the little you're glaze color will show up beautifully!
PS-coffee cans make excellent glaze and paint storage containers!

Apply a generous amount of glaze and then lightly wipe off with a papertowel.
See how that nice chocolate brown comes out against the green?  Eek!  I love it!

When I came across the drawers, I noticed they weren't as banged up as I would like.  No problem!
Randomly beat the heck out of them with the butt of a screw driver and you're set.

Check out the finished look!

I was going to buy new knobs, but I decided to save a little doe and spray paint the existing ones white.  I liked the chic look, plus they stand out against the green!

I love the way this turned out!  And my husband loves it!
Not bad for an $8 table and a $12 can of glaze.  Everything else I already had.

I plan on glazing the new dresser too.  
And I think I may tackle my old bedroom furniture and give our space some new life!!


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  1. It looks great! I love that color and how you beat it up for a more distressed look...I'll bet that was a great stress reliever;)

  2. You did an AWESOME job! Love the color and keep the projects coming!

  3. The table is beautiful! I love the green. Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!


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