Monday, June 20, 2011

Lil Monster Birthday for Sam!

Hi all!  So Sam's 2nd birthday (hold back a little baby is 2!) is this Saturday and we are having a Lil Monster themed birthday party for him.

I got the plates, cups, etc. at Target but cannot seem to find a web pic of the stuff to show you..grr.
I'm looking for some cute and cheap DIY monster themed decorations for his party...
Any ideas?

I like the googly eyes on stuff and the paper foot-prints on the wall like here.
But I want more!  
Leave a comment with your wisdom!


  1. what about painting some rocks into monsters?

  2. Happy birthday, Sam! My little one turned two on Valentines Day :) Two is a great age!!

    Anyway, I saw this on LilBlueBoo today and thought of your blog post: monster tattoos! That would be fun for your son's party :)

  3. I'm planning my baby's 17th birthday...we can sniffle together.

    How about drawing monsters on a pack of assorted shape balloons? And taping on paper details?


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