Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Toasted Coconut for Feature Friday!

Hi all, I have a great Feature Friday for you today!
Say hi to Emily from The Toasted Coconut!
She got an awesome little blog full of it all!  
  Here is what Emily has to say...

"My name is Emily and I will be 24 in a few weeks! I have been married for 4 1/2 years and we have two little boys. I just graduated college and my hubby finally gets to start GRAD school this fall!"

 Such a cute blog and she has a hot little Etsy shop too!
Go and visit her shop, she has the most adorable do-dads!!!
 "I have been obsessed with vintage things since high school...and my love for vintage only grows more each day.  I try to include a variety of things on my blog: some crafts, recipes, randomness, etc.
I love everything girly, and being in a house full of boys, my blog and shop are my girly outlets!"
Well, thanks so much Emily!  Wow, such great style and LOVE all the being in a house of boys too.  Hey all, go an visit Emily today and tell her SSB sent ya!
If you are interested in being featured on Feature Friday, please email me today!  Look'n to guest blog, check it out here

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