Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DIY Loom


I am a big believer in you never stop learning. I love learning new skills. Particularly arts and crafts skills. And I recently started crocheting again - which got me interested in weaving.

I saw this incredible DIY loom here and decided to give it a go. I strongly suggest you check it out, along with the hundreds of other ideas and classes this website has to offer.

Back to the project. If you are a regular artist or crafter, you likely have most of the materials needed to make this loom and weave your first tapestry already. I actually only had to purchase a needle and a dowel. The rest of the materials I had on hand.

I will say I had a few colors of left over yarns from previous projects, but did that stop me from buying some new, gorgeous colors? No it didn't.

Anyways, today I spent about thirty minutes building and preparing my loom and then got to work :)

Once I started the fringe, I moved to my easel ;)

I think this is a good stopping point for today. I'm really looking forward to learning more techniques for weaving and incorporating more wall art like this into my house.



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