Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Jewelry Pendent

Hello. I'm happy to be back. Happy to consider this tiny spot in Blogger Land as my own creative zone. I've been working on a lot of projects - both big and small - over the years after I stepped away from blogging. I'm now ready to share a few things.

These include photography, art work, DIY projects, jewelry, sewing and even a few new crafts that I've just started out trying.

But today, I'm focusing on jewelry design. Perhaps a reader has come across this tutorial?

Well, while cleaning out my studio a little while ago, I came across this stuff again :) So naturally, I was very excited and decided to go right out and purchase items to make new pendents!

For those of you wanting to know where to find it, I remember I found this stuff at Hobby Lobby for the original tutorial in the scrapbooking section. It air dries - no baking needed and no chemicals or resin, so its a pretty neat alternative.

If you have a hard time locating in your local craft store, it can also be found on here Amazon for $5 plus Prime!

So materials needed are:

tray charms
Glossy Accents product
glue stick
design materials (magazines, books pages, art work, etc.)
safety pin, straight pin or needle
necklace chain

First measure the size of the tray charm to create a template.
I'm using a 1 inch diameter circle tray charm.

That made it very easy and I used a quarter as a template for cutting my base layer for the design.

To make assembling my necklaces simpler, I chose 2.4 mm ball chain in a roll, including the snap clasps ;)

I started the design with a base layer in an interesting pattern or color and then added collage layers on top of the base layer with words or pictures. 
Secure each layer down with a dab from the glue stick.

I cut everything for this project out of a back issue of HGTV Magazine :)

Once your design is complete, lay on a flat surface with the neck of the pendent hanging off. Otherwise, the product will settle lopsided.

DO NOT shake the bottle - this will cause air bubbles. Gently squeeze the bottle and fill the tray with the product starting from the edges and working your way into the middle. If you do get air bubbles, use a pin to carefully pop them ;)

Let cure for 48 hours. 
Once completely set, add your chain and make tons more ;)



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