Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Packing Tape Image Transfers


So I recently cane across an online class that taught several different modes of image transfer!

I used to think that image transfer was a lengthy and pricey process, requiring several ingredients that I did not already have on hand.

However, that is not the case! I was very exited to learn I can make some gorgeous and very detailed image transfers using only clear packing tape!!!

Now this works best with laser print printers and magazine cut outs. Ink jet printers may present a problem ;)

So I stuck with the two recommended types. And I will tell you.... this process captures color BEAUTIFULLY!  And it is so easy :) you'll be dying to try this DIY project!

Here is what you need to get started:

I started with a palette smash little canvass but paper works well too ;)
clear packing tape
an image (magazine or ink jet printer)
bone folder or spoon or anything really to brazen the image (not pictured)
scissors (not pictured)
bowl of warm water (not pictured)
glue stick

This process is so incredibly fun and easy, you'll be adding to all your journaling and collage projects!

First, select an image. I chose to print a black and white image from the web. Again, magazines work really well for this project.

Place and adhere a strip of clear packing tape over the image.

Burnish well with a spoon or bone folder. In this case, I used a sharpie cap. Worked just fine ;)

This will really work the ink into the tape and ensure a solid image transfer.

I couldn't get pictures of this next step, but place the tape-covered image in the bowl of warm water and gently rub the paper away with you thumbs. It sluffs off easily and you should have no trouble in this step. What you'll have left is the piece pf tape with the image - clear as day :)

Once dry, the tape will still be somewhat sticky, but adhering with the glue stick (or adding a layer on Modge Podge) will keep your transfer in place :)

This process works very well with black and white images as well as color! I had no trouble filling this small practice canvass :) You'll see I made an additional transfer of a magazine page with a water pattern on it :)

I added a sweet little "XOXO" ink stamp and called it done ;)



I will be linking to these awesome parties!!

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