Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jack's 3rd Birthday Party!

Hey all!  I wanna share Jack's party with you!  I just love throwing parties and event many fun details!  And I get a big kick outta trying to get the biggest BASH for my $$$!

Alright, so my first move was to browse my local Dollar Tree...nothing very exciting utnil I visited the one in Arlington , where my folks live.  RRrrr! MATEY!  PIRATE PARTY STUFF!  There we go, our theme is a Pirate Birthday Bash!

Once I had my theme, I was ready to go.  Mostly went with store bought decorations (everything for under $30)!  Check it all out!

The goodie bags were my genious husbands idea...grrr, it shoulda been mine, BUT I MADE THEM!  Anyways, for a pirate theme, I took plain ole paper lunch sacks and drew pirate treasure maps on them with a Sharpie marker!  Easy peezy and super cute!

Dressing up a party is easy to do....with streamers!!!  Super CHEAP and adds color and fun!
And let me tell you something about love em.  Whats not to love?  They float and brightly colored, I mean I get it.  But, don't skimp on quality.  Go to your local party store and buy the good ones. 

And get a load at this cake!  My father has made all the kids' cakes since forever!
My dad is the BOMB!
The bottom layer is a sheet cake with a plastic wrapped cardboard box sitting on top.  Fill with candy and treasures, then place the box lid on and cover with a molded sheet cake (so it looks like the lid to a treasure chest).  Decorate and when you're ready to open er up, prop up the lid with something sturdy (we used one of the party cups).
And lets not forget all the loot.  Jack made out with a new bike, a sandbox, and enough Toy Story toys to last until Christmas, hopefully.  Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. What a great looking party!!! That cake is AMAZING!!!

  2. Oh, perfect timing! I've been planning on doing a pirate theme for my son's 1st birthday in a couple of weeks!

  3. Did your dad seriously make that cake?? It's amazing! And what an awesome party!

    Thank you for linking this up too!

  4. What an amazing cake. And how good is your dad for making it?! Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays!


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