Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paci Clip Tutorial

Alrighty, so I have seen  bunch of great paci clip tuts around blogland, but mainly with using ribbon...never seen one using fabric?  Not that ribbon isn't awesome, but I tried it and just never really liked how it turned

Here is my tut on making a fabric paci clip.  Pretty easy and if anything isn't real clear, just shoot me an email!  And sorry some of the pics are so dark...?  Not sure what the deal is with my camera.  But anyways!

You will need:
some scrap fabric (I used flannel from my bib tut) about 2 inches wide and 9-12 inches long
suspender clips (get a 2 pack at Hobby Lobby for under $2)
sewing machine (or hand stitch it?)
thread, scissors, etc.
wooden spoon (yup...just trust me)

Step 1: Cut out your strip of fabric, fold in half long ways, and sew it up (right sides together) with a hem leaving one end open to turn right side out.  You'll be working with about an inch to turn right side out, but don't worry.  Remember your wooden spoon?
Step 2: Once its all sewn up, work the sewn end into a little "cup" and stick the end of the wooden spoon up in there.  Sounds weird, but gently work the end of the spoon up the inside of the fabric.
Step 3: Gently continue to pull the fabric down over the spoon, working it right side out.  Get it?
Step 4: Work the sewn end out to sharpen the corners.
Step5: Hem up the open end and iron flat.
Step 6: Top stitch with a zig zag for a little interest.
Step7: Sew on the suspender clip.
Step 8: Cut some velcro pieces to fit the fabric strip.  Sew them on using a tight zig zag stitch.
All done! A custom paci clip made by YOU!
Don't wanna make one?  Email me today for a custom order!  I can make burp clothes, bibs, blankets, baby toys, boppy covers, and matching sets!

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  1. Wow...talented!

  2. Hmm, this could be super useful. I know a ton of pregnant people.

    Thank you for linking this up as well!

  3. Cute. If only I could sew! ; Thanks for linking up!

  4. I'm going to have to remember this when it's time for me to have another baby! I hope my next will actually TAKE a binki! :)

    Thanks for linking this one up too.


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