Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bubble Trubble!

So Jack got this really great bubble kit for his birthday-a SPILL PROOF bubble bottle!

 See the cool little spill proof lips on the cap???

Well, the bubbles are now long gone from hours of outdoor fun...but throw the bottle away?  Forget it!  This is the only bubble bottle that lasted for more than a minute (Jack spills easily!)

Now I know you can get a giant bottle of bubble refill from Walmart or I could go the the Dollar Tree and get a bunch of little bottles...but I am way to thrifty for that.

I decided to make my own...super easy...with (I'm sure you've heard of this) dish soap! 

Super easy steps:
Step1: Clean out the bottle.
Step 2: Add a little bit of dish soap.
Step 3: Fill with water and shake gently.
Step 4:  Enjoy your homemade bubbles!

Easy fix for a thrifty mom!


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  1. SMART! wonder where they bought those bubbles and what a great idea for making more HOMEMADE bubbles :)

  2. Caden has the same bubbles!!

    P.S. I love the countertops. If you couldn't tell, I'm on the lookout for redo ideas for my kitchen. ;)

  3. I've got to get some of those bottles for when grandkids visit. Fabulous!

  4. Love the no-spill cap... fantastic idea!

  5. Just had to stop by and so GO GIRL!!! Look at your blogs!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! You have really run with it. I hope it brings you great joy and maybe some income on the side. I hope life is a little smoother these days.
    Blessings...I thought of you last night when we went to the park near the lake, at Lake Dallas,

  6. Oh hey, this is such a handy tutorial. I love bubbles :)

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session at Life in the Pitts.

  7. Great Idea! I am the mom of 3 teen-aged boys - they are still and more so, stinky! I blog with others who are mom's to boys of varying ages. Come see us at paisleycupcake.blogspot.com.

  8. What a great idea, I love it! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!


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