Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sesame Street birthday coming up...

So...its been a busy week.  Not only is my 2nd week at my new job...and its been busy.
But also!  Its Sam's 1st birthday party this weekend!!   
Woo hoo! we're a little tight on funds and I'm looking for fun yet thrifty decor for his party. 

Check out what I got so far...
I snagged these from Wally World the other day (super cute and only a few bucks)...perfect for the kiddo's.

And what's amazing is that we have a few Sesame Street friends living right in our home!  They will make a cute center piece for the think?

And of course there will be yellow, blue and red balloons and streamers...much like Jacks party here.

I think I'm going to have my mom bake a giant cookie cake and have a Cookie Monster cake, but other than that...I'm kinda winging it!?  

Any cool Sesame Street ideas are welcomed!!  
Post a comment with a cool, thrifty Sesame Street party tip!



  1. not sure if you have Dollar Tree where you live, but they have TONS of sesame street decor for $1.00! Even party favors, table cloths, napkins and should try there if you have one. Hope that helps and can't wait to see pictures from the party!

  2. ONE MORE THING: they have the sesame street balloons too!

  3. He is having a sesame street party, I remember when josh is celebrating his 4th birthday we used to have same party theme. Your kid will sure be happy!

  4. A candy buffet is always fun! Yellow, blue, and red candies... bags for guests to fill and take home. I had a small book for everyone to sign and write a little wish to Caden at his first bday party. And I made this ( to display. Good luck and have fun!!

  5. hmmm....You could have them color masks that are in the pictures of the sesame street characters. Or play sesame Street music in the background( you know, until it get annoying).

  6. Marissa read my mind. Across the street from my house is a Dollar Tree, they have really good quality items, and everything is a dollar! Plus, last time I was there they had a lot of Sesame Street items. I love that store. Don't tell my family but sometimes I just go there for birthday gifts and things.


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