Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Rainy Day Score!!!

So we decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store and alas, it started raining...HEAVILY!

We get totally soaked loading up the kids and the groceries into the van and then heading thru our neighborhood, I see a driveway FULL of goodies with a big FREE sign on the garage door!!!

Now normally, I would just look longingly at all the goods but not stop...especially with my husband.  But since I was already drenched and couldn't get any wetter...I said what the hell!  

I got out and snagged one of those Little Tikes push cars.  The door is missing and its dirty but once cleaned up, Jack will dig it!

And I got this!  I'm so excited!

The pics don't do it justice.  I just love this 50's look!
Not sure what I plan to do with it, but hey!  It was FREE!!!

There was a bunch of other stuff I wanted to snag, but of course, hubby reminded me that Christmas was coming...
...and the tornado sirens were going off.  With that, we boogied home!



  1. Hooray for the Car (we used to have one and called it a "Car car") My kids have the police car version. They LOVE it.

  2. Awesome! We love our cozy coup which was also the grand price of free! Hey- I totally would have done the same thing. If there is a free sign, I always stop :)


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