Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whatever Wednesday #10

So we finally got a chance to decorate the front porch for Halloween!  I got to put up my new goodies, but didn't get to take a pic!  Got too dark :(
So I'll post that tomorrow!

But we did make some scary monster Halloween cupcakes!
Look at this little guy!
Not as fab as some other monster cupcakes I've seen floating around bloggy land, but we had a blast making them!  Jack's face got covered in chocolate icing...I think more icing ended up on him than on the cupcake itself!

Here's the whole spooky clan!
All it took was some foil wrapped eyeballs and candy corns to make cute, quick little Halloween monsters!
But we had fun!  Enjoy!



  1. oh these are so cool! Make sure you stop by for my first ever cooking link party!

  2. Spookalicious! They are sure to be a hit with the kids!


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