Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids Christmas Craft and Keepsake

A Hand-print Christmas Tree painting...I saw this the other day, but I don't remember where for the life of me...
but this kids craft has been floating around since I was a kid, so I think it'll be okay.

These make great keepsakes to remember little fingers!  Remember my quick Father's Day keepsake?

We were going to do one for both kiddo's, but Jack elected to play Lego's instead.

Here's what you need:
construction paper
green paint
yellow paint (we ended up not using it)
paint brush
green glitter (optional)
puff balls

We painted Sammy's hand green with the paint brush and made hand prints in a triangle pattern.  You can do a yellow hand print at the top for a star (but we ran out of room).  We put a yellow puff ball on top instead.

Next, sprinkle a little green glitter and glue down some puff balls for the ornaments.  Lastly, I wrote Samuel Glenn 2010 at the bottom with a black sharpie.

All done!

Happy crafting!  Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for the feature. I love the tree! Especially the pom pom ornaments. How fun!


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